You may retrieve test data for any product in the EFE, EFE-M, NV, Vega, Sirius or Alpha series of power supplies.

To retrieve your test record, please enter the product code and serial number in the text fields and click on the Test Data button. You may retrieve up to 500 records for each request.

Product code

Serial number(s)

To retrieve records for more than one serial number of the same product code -

1) Separate serial numbers with commas. For example: 8053320010, 8053320011, 8053320012


2) Specify a range of serial numbers. For example: 8053320020-8053320030
You may mix comma-separated and range separated serial numbers. For example: 8053320010, 8053320011, 8053320012,8053320020-8053320030


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